HEFT Tamiami Toll Plaza (Miami-Dade, Florida)

The project includes demolition of existing buildings and construction of four new facilities; two main toll plazas buildings with ten lanes and toll booths each, a mid-size toll plaza with three lanes and toll booths, and one small ramp toll plaza with three toll collection lanes. Each plaza includes new buildings with thorostucco exterior, new drainage system, water and sewer system, paving and signalization.


In the two main toll plazas there is an access/utility tunnel between the administration building and the plaza. The administration building consists of, but is not limited to, the following rooms: counting vault, storage, manager, supervisor, lounge, toilet facilities and recorder room. The mid-size toll plaza administration building includes, but is not limited to, the following rooms: counting, vault, storage, supervisor, toilet facilities, and recorder room. The small ramp toll plaza includes a toll booth building with an attendant’s area, toilet facilities and recorder room. 

Owner: FDOT - TPK
Amount: $29,088,000
Delivery Method: Bid Build
Completion Date: 28-Feb-01