Cargo Bldg #2130 (Miami, FL)

The project consisted of the design and construction of a cargo building, located West of Miami International Airport. This was the first building of the new Cargo Facility Development Program by DCAD. The project was designed and constructed under a Fast Track concept; meaning that both the design and construction aspects progressed in parallel with each other. The design was executed in strict compliance with the design criteria stipulated by the airport consultants. Cargo Building 2132 consists of a modern warehouse facility of 113,000 square feet of cargo storage suitable to handle diverse types of cargo in transit to-and-from the cargo aircraft, a mezzanine incorporating 113,000 square foot of office space, 3 individual lobby areas, each with access to rest rooms, stairs, elevators, and rooftop parking. The building is 750 feet long and 130 feet wide with a reinforced concrete structure and prestressed concrete joist system roof. 

Owner: DCAD