Kendall On-Ramp at SR 874 (Miami-Dade, FL)

This project built for the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority (MDX) included a major bridge from Kendall Drive (SW 88th St) over the existing SR 878 and tie back into the Northbound SR 874. The project included building a bridge approximately 2,200 feet long and 30í-1î wide, MSE Wall construction, drilled shaft piling, a retaining wall under an existing bridge, steel sheet piling, sound barriers, asphalt, milling & resurfacing, structural steel, and new landscaping. Due to the confined project area, one of the challenges was to build this project in a predominantly residential area and between two existing highways. 

Owner: MDX
Amount: $32,876,000
Delivery Method: Bid Build
Completion Date: 15-Jan-09