SR-836 Extension (Miami-Dade, FL)

Performing as the structural subcontractor to Community Asphalt, Inc., this Miami-Dade Expressway Authority contract required the complete design and construction of the SR 836 “Dolphin Expressway” from NW 107th Avenue to NW 137th Avenue Including construction of NW 137th Avenue from SW 8th Street to NW 12th Street, Miami-Dade County. Condotte’s subcontract scope of work in this project consisted of the construction of nine vehicular bridges, the widening and replacement of traffic railing barrier at two existing bridges over NW 107th Avenue (bridges 14 & 15), ten MSE retaining walls and three Sound Walls. Bridges 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, & 9 were comprised of steel longitudinal box girders; steel cross girders, and flair and circular concrete columns on spread footings. Bridge 13, which spans NW 107th Avenue, consisted of precast Florida U-Beams, caps, columns and spread footings. The Bridge at SW 137th Avenue over Tamiami canal consisted of a flat slab bridge, caps, and 18î prestressed concrete piles foundation. The sound walls consisted of a system of precast components assembled over a 30-inch diameter auger cast piles foundation. Temporary components to the project included support of embankments with sheet piles and soil anchors. 

Owner: MDX
Amount: $43,014,600
Delivery Method: Design Build
Completion Date: 1-Jan-07